Thoughts on my Passing


When I die

Why I feel so sad when someone I know passes on.

Why does the death of someone you know have such a devastating effect. It's because part of your own life has passed; a connection you have permanently lost, something you can never experience again. The severity of loss is dependent on the quality and frequency of your contact with that person and with your dependence on that person in all aspects of your daily life. It's sad to know that you will never feel the warmth of whatever personal relationship you had; a moment of warmth in your life; a relationship it took a lifetime to build; a relationship impossible to find again because you no longer have a lifetime to develop or experience it.

In the passing of an older family member, you lose more of your connection with your childhood and your roots; special moments of your life that you no longer have in common with anyone else; moments of memories you can no longer jointly share.

In the passing of a child you lose a happier past and a large part of your future.

In the passing of your Spouse, you lose a connection to almost an entire lifetime.

In the passing of a friend you become lonelier.

No amount of consoling from anyone can make the pain of loss any easier because no amount of consoling will replace that loss.

So when I die, do not feel bad for me. I'm merely joining what I have previously lost.
Console yourself for what you have lost.

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