Michigan Boating Laws


2013 Update

2012 LANSING -- Boaters no longer can tie up overnight at spots where public roads end on lakes and other waterways under a measure signed into law Thursday 3-22-2012 by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

It's now a misdemeanor to place boat hoists or anchoring systems or to install a dock or wharf at road ends. Similar penalties apply to boaters who moor or dock at road ends between midnight and sunrise.

Only single-season docks authorized by local government officials and approved by the state Department of Environmental Quality will be allowed.

Another new measure takes away officers' ability to stop boaters and make sure they have adequate floatation devices. The governor's office said, "Stops without reasonable suspicion of violation are an unnecessary hindrance for boaters."

Another new law changes the charge for fleeing and eluding officers while in a boat or on a personal watercraft from a misdemeanor to a felony. That makes the penalty level equal to what motorists face on land.

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