Pine Lake Association Area Director and Committee Contacts

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All Board Officers and Directors and Committees

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4th of July Turtle Race Coordinator

Nancy Gibson

Garage Sale Coordinator

Kim England

Beech Island

Ross F. Stancati

Boniface Point

Elaine Kornetti

Breezy Point

Don Haneckow

director Breezy Point


Sara Hibma


OPEN - need Volunteer

Ford's Point

OPEN - need Volunteer

Handy Lane

OPEN - need Volunteer

Handy Lane

Carol Nemeth


Cindy Hook, Jaci Dalke

Long Point

Not assigned

Long Point

John Block


Ted DeVries

Merlau director


OPEN - need Volunteer

Oakridge director

Pine Shores / Pinnacle

OPEN - need Volunteer

Pine Lake Rd

Phil Dunlop

No E-mail

South Dr

Deb Pinkster Young

Southgate Dr

Dawn Ogden

Sunset Point

OPEN - need Volunteer

Sycamore Pt

Kathy Burnham

Woodward and Springpoint

Scott Cook


Name -not assigned

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