Christine Chase

Christine ChaseSeptember 9, 1951 -  March 1, 2013

Pine Lake Resident 

    Christine Chase With a zest for life that was hard to miss, Christine Chase brought such sparkle into the world around her. She was the heartbeat of wherever she was and the sort of person who drew others near with ease. Christine was a devoted wife and mother whose greatest joy was found in spending time with the husband, children, and grandchildren she treasured more than life itself. She could be serious when needed, but in many ways Christine was a kid at heart who never worried about what others thought about her. A dear woman to so many, she will be dearly missed while her memory is forever cherished.

It seems only fitting that Christine’s story began during a time that was as colorful as she was. This was the decade that introduced us to rock ‘n roll with legends such as Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis while shows like I Love Lucy and Lassie entertained us as televisions gained in popularity. It was in 1951 that a young couple from Springfield, Ohio, was filled with great anticipation as they awaited the birth of their new baby. Their wait was over on September 9th of that year when the baby girl they named Christine made her arrival. She was one of two children born to her parents, James and Phyllis (Holaday) Swisshelm, joined in her family by her brother, James.

In many ways Christine experienced a childhood that was fairly typical for the youth of her generation. Her father worked for the railroad while Phyllis was a financial accountant. Christine moved with her family several times through the years including to Massachusetts. When she was around the age of six her family outsmarted the young Christine into doing chores. They dressed her up as a maid and called her Marie. Christine thought it was fun and accomplished many things playing dress-up.

She was a student at local schools wherever they were living and graduated from high school in Boardman, Ohio. Christine then went on to University of Toledo where she earned a degree in art education.

New and exciting changes were in store for Christine when her family moved to a home in Sylvania, Ohio, next to a young man named Bob Chase. She caught his eye right away although they didn’t officially meet until five months later. Sparks flew from that first moment, and with a desire to build a life together Christine and Bob were married on September 18, 1971, deeply in love. The newlyweds settled in Toledo, Ohio, where he worked for GM. This is where they welcomed two children into their hearts and home, Christine and Michael. Christine was an extraordinary mother right from the start, nurturing her children with such care. Although she worked outside of the home for a time, she left the workforce to remain home when Christine was one year old.

Over the years Christine worked in a variety of industries. For a time she was a baker at Meijer, did daycare, and she also worked at Acklin Stamping. When her children were a bit older Christine worked as a carrier for the United States Postal Service where she remained working until she retired in 2006.

There were so many things that enriched Christine’s life through the years. Pets always filled her life including their many cats, parrots, hamsters, and dogs like their current dog, Bogey. At one time they brought home a parrot named Smokey Joe that started throwing around the f-bomb only when someone was on the phone. The bird loved Christine, but only tormented the rest of the family. Christine did quite a bit of traveling including to Hawaii and also the East Coast when they stayed in a place that was so remote that their kids had to call them at a pay phone outside a crab shack. Christine and Bob also went on a cruise to Jamaica. Their family didn’t recognize them when they stepped off the ship since they were so tan and had gotten their hair braided. With her own creative flair, Christine was an amazing painter and artist who enjoyed crafts and sewing. She also had cooking skills that were unmatched, and her baking skills were equally amazing. When her children were growing up they never had just plain birthday cakes as they were always impressive masterpieces. Christine also listened to classic rock and loved fishing, putting many a man to shame.

Life became more difficult for Christine and her loved ones when she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought it with everything she had in her, experiencing seven and-a-half quality years. Christine was always friendly, but after her diagnosis she became even more outgoing with complete strangers. It was not uncommon for her to be talking with and telling jokes to people she never met while undergoing treatment.

It was clear to see by the way she lived her life that Christine Chase enjoyed every minute of the life she was given. She was a fantastic woman who was so easy to love with numerous friends whom she treasured. Christine lived for family time, and it was with the love of her life by her side for 47 years that she witnessed her family tree blossom to include the generations who will proudly carry her timeless legacy. Christine will be dearly missed.

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