Bob Chase

Passed away on August 13, 2016

A fun loving Pine Lake Resident  and good friend to many!


Bob ChaseRobert “Bob” Chase of Plainwell died unexpectedly on August 13, 2016. Bob was born on December 21, 1949 to Hank & Kay (Broderick) Chase. Bob’s family includes his children: Christine (Bradley) Jungbluth, Michael (Bethany) Chase; his sister Peggy (Greig) his brother Mark (Kathy); grandchildren: Noah, Jackson, Lindy, Nicholas and Ella. Bob was preceded in death by his wife of 41 years Christine and his parents.

Robert Chase was a loving husband, father and grandfather. A generous, driven and dedicated man, he lived his life with passion. Always equipped with quick humor to lighten the mood, an ability to empathize with others and a hearty sense of adventure, Bob lived his life to the fullest. Although he will be deeply missed, Bob leaves behind a wonderful collection of memories for his family and special friends to cherish for years to come.

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