Dear Friends and Neighbors at Pine Lake,

Please accept this as your personal invitation to join the PLA.  We’re asking your help in making Pine Lake a wonderful place to live.   All the things that just “happen” here - don’t just happen!  It takes people to make the difference.  Right now the Pine Lake Association would like to continue doing the things that residents enjoy now:

Ÿ  Buoys and channel markers for safety -NO! the township does not do this, nor the DNR

Ÿ  Fireworks display for all the lake to enjoy

Ÿ   4th of July activities

Ÿ  Newsletter to keep residents updated and informed

Ÿ  Special events such as: children’s Halloween party, swim lessons and social events

Ÿ  Fisheries committee

 We’d really love to be able to restore the following:

Ÿ  Membership committee 

Ÿ  Safety Committee  

Ÿ  Environmental Committee

Ÿ  Lake Wide directory (some volunteers already willing!)

Ÿ  Boat Parade - 4th of July

Ÿ  Liaison to Prairieville Township

Ÿ  More lake wide activities

And we’d like to have Point Directors for every area of the Lake to join the Directors who have volunteered so far.


You don’t know anyone here?  You will after you attend a meeting! We promise to welcome you.

Pine Lake Association is too controversial?  The PLA was originally formed to protect and improve the lake. That remains a mission of the PLA.  You have opinions and input? Join and make your voice heard!

You don’t have the time? There are only 5 meetings a year, we try to keep them to under an hour and a half.  We need participants in projects for as little as 2 hours of  your time - one time!  Is that too much to give to your community?

You get the newsletter for free anyway? Yes, as part of our mission to keep lake residents informed and disseminate accurate, important information about lake environmental protection, safety and community we are pledged to send the newsletter to all.  Your dues and your volunteer time make it possible for us to have a vital, supportive community.

Why should you pay to join ? By financially supporting the PLA you make it possible to grow our sense of community, to come together to problem solve and to provide opportunities for stewardship of our beautiful lake.

But hey! Back to the volunteer thing!! It really is a lot of fun to pitch in with other Pine Lakers doing the 4th of July activities and the fund raiser for our fireworks.  You get to know new people and to feel like a real part of our Pine Lake community.  So here’s the deal - we desperately need volunteers to help with ticket sales, soliciting raffle prizes and working on committees or the enjoyable things we’ve come to expect at the Lake just aren’t going to happen!  Please come to the next meeting: Or call any Board member to volunteer.  Or see the website.  We Need YOU!

Thanks - from the Pine Lake Association Officers & Directors - Hope to see you there or hear from you . 

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